Slot Type Rubber Door Seal Strip

Slot Type Rubber Door Seal Striprubber door seal stripSlot Type Rubber Seal Strip for Wooden Door

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Slot Type Rubber Door Seal Strip

high quality slot type seal anti-aging rubber profile/Rubber Seal Strip/Wooden Door Seal

Slot Type Rubber Seal Strip for Wooden Door

wooden door sealing strip made in China

Slot wooden door seal strips can insert seal strip into the door block line of wooden door,it has groove on it,feature is install firmly,uneasy fall off.The elasticity and flexibility of wooden door is not only seal door seals gap but also reduce impact sound when slap the door,so that extend the service life of doors,so it is also called censored article seal,dash-proof article seal.

Slot type seal is made of PVC/TPE or silicone rubber,which is widely used in wooden door to reduce vibration and provide a excellent seal so that protect the door from damage. 

Product Name:Door and window seal(slot seal)& Wooden Door Seal
Slot Type Rubber Door Seal Strip
Material: Rubber (PVC/TPE/Silicion)
Color: White, black, red-brown, brown, grey
Packing: In roll, plastic film and cardboard



Modified PVC


Grey, black, brown, white etc. or other color as your requirement




-40°c - +120°c


1.       Good shockproof, sound insulation and heat insulation performance.

2.       Good sealing, shock absorption, air insulation, Energy-saving, and anti-insect .

3.       beautiful and endurable

4.       Excellent flexibility and anti-compressive deformation, the aging weather-resistant, chemical resiatance and anti-ozone performance



Slot sealing strip play a key role in wooden doors, security doors, sliding doors, aluminum-plastic door & Window and other Windows, doors. 

Fixing method

 Cut a Groove on the door frame, and then seal installation. This kind of Slot sealing strip is not easy to fall off, and ease of installation.


1.Material:PVC, PP, PE, TPU, Silicone, Viton. 

2.Exellent quality, good performace.  

3.Series of them, suit for automobile, machine, furniture, door, windows and glass.

4.Length and thickness: according to the practical needs to cutting.

5. We can customization according with customer's Cad-drawing&sample to open mold


1.good anti-friction,anti-aging, anti-corrosion effect

2. Weather proof, vandal proof, and can be shaped, molded, painted and screen printed. 

3. Non-corrosive, non-toxic and chemical resistant .

4. Soft with high impact strength  .

5. Non-warping and stain proof.

6. Easy to clean and maintain .

7. Easy to operate, including glue, nail, cut or shape.


1.Furniture fittings, Building decoration, Decoration materials, Machinery parts, Toy parts, etc. 

2. It's very suitable for a fastenings which need sealing.etc

windproof slot type wooden door seal strip

window and door seal strip
window and door seal strip
window and door seal strip