Self Adhesive Home Window Door Excluder Rubber Seal Strip Weatherstrip

Material:  EPDM, Silicone, PVC
Shape:  E / D / I / P type foam seal strip
Length:  5 Meters(16.4 feet)
Color:  Grey, Brown, White
Dimension(approx):  D  Type  9 x 6mm
                                E  Type  9 x 4mm
                                P  Type  9 x 5.5mm
                                I   Type  9 x 2mm
Product size: width 2cm * length 2.5 meters (2 seals stick together size)

Perfect for doors and window frames.
Waterproof, Windproof, Excellent aging resistance.
Easy to cut and easy to install, no requires specialist tool.
Preventing dust collection between sliding doors or windows.
Reduce the noise from outside and the sliding door slamming, give you a quiet and comfortable living environment.
Resist rain and cold wind, give you a clean and warmer environment.
Protect the window and door, reduce wear on window/door while open and close.

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