EPDM foam rubber seal

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EPDM foam rubber seal

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EPDM foam rubber seal General sizes:

1.       D profile: 9*6mm 9*8mm 8*6mm

2.       P profile: 9*5.5mm

3.       E profile: 9*4mm

4.       I profile: 9*2mm

5.       V profile: 9*7mm

EPDM foam rubber seal Features:

1.       Anti-zone, anti-aging, weather resistance, oil resistance

2.       Excellent anti-UV performance, better flexibility

3.       Super elasticity and chemical corrosion resistance

4.       Firm and flexible; Easy to assembly

5.       Easy to stall and decorative

6.       Good fire and water resistance

7.       High and low temperature resistance(-40°c~+120°c )

8.       Good tight dimensional tolerances and have excellent compressability,elasticity and adaptability to uneven surfaces

9.       Top quality and really competitive prices.

epdm seal strip

EPDM foam rubber seal Application:

Apply to various of door and windows, such as wooden doors, plastic-steel doors, security door,moving gates, sliding doors,auto doors etc. Widely used on Household appliances, hotel, hospital, business building, clean projects, and large market malls etc.

EPDM foam rubber seal Function:

1. The most obvious function is shockproof to reduce the sound of door slam. And also protect the edge, which guarantee the long life of use of doors, and has reduced the noise.

2. Good sealing function, stop air, sound, dust, insects, water, light inside, good weather resistance.  Play the role of heat preservation and heat insulation effectively.

3. Environmentally friendly.  No bad smell and no harm to human.

Tape: 1. Yellow tape. Imported, Glass grid fiber doubled side tape, Very good stickiness.

2. 3M tape.

3. Acrylic tape.

Tape used as your requirement.

EPDM foam rubber seal Packing:

We have three pickings, please see detail as follows:

1.       Roll packing: 150m/roll, 1200m/carton.

2.       Small Box packing: 5m, 6m, 10m,20,24m. The pattern in the box can as your design.

3.       Bobbin packing: which you can see in our pictures. 100 m/Bobbin, or 150m/Bobin.

8 Bobbins per carton.