Round cord EPDM sponge rubber seal strip

Round cord EPDM sponge rubber seal stripEPDM rubber seal striprectangle epdm sponge rubber stripsrubber sponge cord

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Round cord EPDM sponge rubber seal strip

Foam rubber cord is manufactured with microwave vulcanized technics. 


1. Outstanding ozone resistance.
2. Excellent weather ability with good resistance to high temperature and low temperature.
3. Remarkable resistance in chemical and various polar solution
4. Oxygen-resistance performance

5. Good sealing capability


Usage: door and window,automotive industrial,train,building construction, machines, control cabinets, construction, ship &boat industries etc


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Identification method of EPDM sealing strip  
  Imported EPDM(Raw rubber) Recycled rubber (recycled materials)
Material differences Imported DuPont EPDM Recycled rubber from the rubber waste
Physical identification Soft texture, good flexibility, scalability, and light weight, smooth surface Tend to be more rigid, elastic differential, heavier than the seals in same dimensions
Odor identification Not sharp, has a slight rubber odor, a few days will be naturally volatile Sharp, pungent odor, even in combination smell, volatile is slow
Service life Long service life, general environment can use for decade years Short life, aging, harden, crack occurs in few years
Human hazard no harm to human body Contain toxic substance

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Molding rubber seal strip for doors of container  
1.anti-ozone, anti-aging
2.good elasticity
3.convenient installation 
4.shiny appearance

5. Extruded or co-extruded seal; 

6. seals firmly, excellent wearable



Molding rubber seal strip for doors of container 

1. Good shock-proof, heat insulation and sound insulation performance

2. Excellent flexibility and anti-compressive deformation, the aging weather-resistant, chemical resistance

    and anti-ozone performance, Good Resistance to Polar Liquid, the Lightest Rubber with a Good Electrical Property.

3. Very widely using temperature range (-45~+160)

4. Passed the SGS test for several years

5. Mould can be developed for production according to the drawing, sample or base material.

6. extensively tested to ensure protection against sound, smoke, weather, light, draughts, dust and even insects